Unterhaltung ChoToiLaNguoiBanLet Me Be a Friend
Please don’t hesitate indeed
To lean on my shoulder if you need
If the weather is windy or stormy
Let me make it warm and sunny.
If you’re sad from suffering
Let me tell jokes till you’re laughing.
If your faith is weakening,
Let me offer words of empathy and understanding.
Life is full of ups and downs and impermanence
Let’s help each other to have more self-reliance
Help each other to change and evolve
So the moon-shaped sphere will brightly revolve
Let’s always show everyone our loving care
With sweet and gentle words we share
So our cintāmani sphere will spread out boundlessly
Let’s be the dharma vessels in every opportunity
Helping people unfold their Bodhi minds
Propagating the dharma to living beings of all kinds
Let’s help each other to cultivate diligently
And practice ferrying people to the other shore constantly.
Hoang-Tam Hilton (CSS Virginia)
Christmas Day 2019