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 # iTC Trainings (live): 


We have iTC trainings (live) for you every week :

on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

at 18:00  (Europe time)


# Facebook Live: Dharmas with Thầy Hằng Trường



 We'll see you on Facebook, every Sunday at 17:00 (Europe time)




# Short Meditation twice weekly (live):


Thay will conduct a short meditation twice weekly on how to open our heart of compassion in the turmoil of coronavirus pandemic.


             Date & Time:    Tuesday at 3:00 and Saturday at 17:00 (Europe time)







Dear Dharma friends,

We are excited to announce the launch of a new CSS App this Wednesday March 25, 2020. The name of this new app is “TU BI PHUNG SU CSS”.
This app will consolidate ALL Thay’s teaching into one place and you can access it through many channels: IOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV. You can watch online or download to your apparatus and enjoy the dharma at your convenience.
On the App, you will be able to watch KTTV, Radio, Doi Thoai Tam Linh, Con Duong Khai Mo, Bo Tat Dao, Mandala videos, The Duc Duong Sinh and Thuyet Phap. And also listen to Radio KT, Dharma Expresso, both retreat and Bo Tat Dao lectures and guided meditation. Thay’s pdf teaching materials will also be published on the App. New episodes will be published weekly. There will also be a new feature in the App for our community to share our experiences. 
TBPS CSS is an App not only to consolidate all Thay’s teaching, but also a tool to spread the dharma in the 21st century. This tool updates our skills-in-means to meet the challenge of the digital world.
To subscribe, please go to the website: and follow the instruction. Then download the app TUBIPHUNGSUCSS on to your phone/iPad…
Much time and effort have been put into developing this App. We particularly need your financial support to help with the maintenance fees charged by the app company. Please subscribe! We hope that you will have great learning and use this app as a tool to transform ourselves.
With gratitude and humbleness, 
App Management Team





# Charity for hospitals and clinics


Hi everyone,
Following our Facebook live event, I’ve announced that we are now opened to the fundraising of PPE supplies to distribute to those who are in the front line such as hospitals and clinics. Through our Taiwanese connection, we are able to purchase N95 masks, surgical gloves and surgical masks. 
You can make donation through the following link:
Thank you for your kindness.
If you mail a check to us, please correct the typo of our organization to:
Compassionate Service Society 
5753 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd
Suite G-613
Anaheim, CA 92807
Memo: COVID-19 Crisis




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